Daily announces $15 million Series A
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Developers building the future depend on Daily

From small startups to SMBs and Fortune 500 companies, Daily APIs help developers build world-class video call experiences.

Phenomenal partners.
Super responsive.
Civic Dinners
Our error rate dropped 89%.
Prototype in 3 hours.
Scalable video call quality.
Unparalleled ability.

Case studies

“With Daily, we got up and running very quickly. They've provided excellent support for our rapid growth, and the Daily team is super responsive to questions and feature requests.”

Evan Hammer, Head Product

“We organize events for enterprise teams, civic organizations, and community groups. Daily enabled us to pivot to virtual very quickly. We now host events all over the world in 10 languages using their lightweight, well-documented API. It's been a great partnership.”

Jesse Doud, CTO
Civic Dinners

“Although we reviewed several video API providers, Daily was unparalleled in its ability to quickly setup highly functional and well designed video rooms. The ease of use provided by Daily has been crucial for smooth product implementations for Eventus.”

Will Hua, Software Engineer

“GitDuck is a video calling tool where developers can talk and share their code in real-time. Daily allowed us to rapidly build the video chat part, so we could focus on what makes GitDuck unique, while knowing that we would have a great and scalable video call quality.”

Thiago Monteiro, Cofounder & CEO
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