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Focusmate video error rates dropped by 89% when they switched to Daily for their coworking platform

Focusmate pairs members of its community for silent, 50-minute video call sessions. Switching to Daily Prebuilt resulted in an 89% reduction in call quality issues, giving the team time to build new features.
Product:Coworking platform
Industry:Virtual Collaboration
Location:San Francisco, CA

Key wins

  • Switching to Daily led to an 89% drop in video call issues. By integrating Daily Prebuilt, Focusmate got better call quality and bandwidth management out of the box.
  • Daily's developer resources and documentation helped Focusmate switch quickly and easily. “It only took us a few minutes to embed a test call in our application,” Mike Galanos, Focusmate CTO explained. “The documentation was super clear and thorough. It's one of the main reasons we decided to partner with Daily.”
  • Resolving their video call quality issues freed up resources to build new product features for community growth and improved user experience. “Previously we had avoided improving our in-session experience, but switching over to Daily gave us the foundation to focus on this area of our app,” Evan Hammer, Head of Product, said.

Instead of focusing a huge amount of attention on building and maintaining a video service, Daily gave us a top-of-the-line one instantly.

Evan Hammer, Head of Product, Focusmate

How Focusmate helps users achieve meaningful goals, using video from Daily

Focusmate isn't a traditional productivity tool. “We didn't want to be a tech company, exactly,” Taylor Jacobson, CEO and founder of Focusmate, explained. “Focusmate helps you do things that you wouldn't otherwise do. That's a hard human behavior problem to crack. That's what we want to be experts at.”

Focusmate users book 50-minute focus sessions via a calendar interface, and are connected with a coworking partner by video call. The partners each take 30 seconds to explain what they plan to accomplish during the session, and then work silently on their own individual projects. The transparency of working alongside a partner provides a sense of accountability and motivation, helping community members work productively towards personal and professional goals.

When Focusmate first integrated video calls, they used a free, open-source framework. Call quality was terrible. “We would have had to ditch our product vision and just focus completely on video, just to manage that very basic aspect of our product,” Jacobson explained.

Switching to Daily allowed Focusmate to focus on improving the wider customer experience, adding new features that promote growth and engagement. The team no longer have to worry about video call quality. As Jacobson put it, “We have faith based on this experience that Daily is going to really care about us and commit to continuously developing this great platform.”

Product highlights

Calendar integration

Focusmate pairs members of its community for 50-minute video-call “work sessions”, which can be booked every 15 minutes on its calendar-like interface.

Partner rematching

Switching to Daily gave Focusmate the technical resources to build out features like partner rematching. If one coworking partner is running late, the other partner is instantly rematched.

Professional use

Companies can use Focusmate to focus energy on their own goals, like building bonds between remote coworkers. As Jacobson puts it, “It's just a way to build more connective tissue within your company without having to have a Zoom happy hour or something.”

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