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How MeetAnyway drastically improved video call quality on their events platform with Daily

MeetAnyway is a flexible, large-scale online events platform. The team began searching for a new video call API after a large call broke down in the middle of an event. After extensive competitor testing, Daily provided the best calls quality and most reliable platform.
Product:Events platform
Industry:Event Tech
Location:Berlin, Germany

Key wins

  • Daily “was easy to implement, and it worked,” MeetAnyway CEO and cofounder, Marc Metz said. MeetAnyway were able to replace their existing open-source solution rapidly, and started hosting events on Daily almost immediately.
  • Daily's documentation was vital in this process. As Metz said, “the documentation was very helpful. It was just very easy for me to understand. It took me a few hours and I understood everything. If you know the concept of API calls, it's basically not much learning.”
  • MeetAnyway tested other platforms extensively: Daily provided unrivaled call quality and reliability. “Our number one criteria was quality. Any call has to be good,” Metz explained.
  • By implementing Daily Prebuilt, MeetAnyway got built-in bandwidth management out of the box, optimizing call quality further.

We were really happy once we found Daily. We were really desperate to find a stable solution.

Marc Metz, CEO and cofounder, MeetAnyway

How MeetAnyway designed a flexible, reliable online events platform

MeetAnyway offers event organizers and attendees a flexible alternative to rigid events platforms, which often lock users into regimented workflows. With MeetAnyway, organizers use a drag-and-drop map builder to create different online spaces. These might include a “stage” for a keynote address, where the audience can post questions by live chat, or an audio room where attendees can “raise their hand” to join in a conversation.

MeetAnyway began searching for a new video call API after a call broke down in the middle of an event. The team passed on several video call APIs due to poor call quality. The team ran a test with a large, publicly-traded video chat API provider, which also broke down — this time, in the middle of a call with 50 people.

By choosing Daily, MeetAnyway can concentrate on other business priorities, knowing that their customers will enjoy the highest quality video calls. Ultimately, the team hopes to provide a reliable platform that helps people build connections for years to come. As Metz explained, “MeetAnyway connects people online in a meaningful way.”

Product highlights

Different types of video room

Each online space in the MeetAnyway map builder is connected to a video or audio room with different settings. Organizers can add areas for “mingling” — video rooms where attendees are matched randomly with others for three-minute, one-on-one calls. Attendees who want to connect with people they've met before can arrange to meet for a private one-on-one call inside the event.

Flexible user controls

Event organizers can give attendees control over video call room settings, where it makes sense: if someone at an open table decides they would like to continue a conversation privately, without being interrupted by someone new, they can lock the video room so that no one else can join that call. This provides a sense of privacy and control.

Spatial awareness

Users can navigate different meeting areas and can see the avatars of other attendees, getting a sense of who's around. Much like an event in real life, you can move to different areas of an event to suit your mood.

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