WebRTC video and audio features for every use case

Quickly prototype and launch with our fully-featured prebuilt video call widget. Developers can use our libraries to build custom video and audio layouts and features.

No download

Your users just click on a meeting link to join your video calls. Calls are 1-click and work right inside the browser (WebRTC).

  • No downloads
  • No accounts needed for guests

Cross browser

Our browser support is among the best. We support Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, as well as Android Chrome and iOS Safari. Note: Using Microsoft browsers? Group calls requires Edgium. (Edge is 1:1.)

Browser icons

Custom video layouts

Developers can build rich custom video layouts with our front-end libraries. Read our tutorial on building a custom video chat layout with React.

    Daily Prebuilt

    Go to market fast with call quality. Daily Prebuilt is a fully working video call you can add to any site or app, in minutes, with features like recording, dual screen sharing and chat.

    Large calls

    Up to 1,000 people can join your meetings.

    • Contact us for 1,000 support

    Call testing

    It's easy to test our Daily Prebuilt product. No need to download a server or write code to test. Your colleagues can just click to create prebuilt UI video calls, for testing.

    • Test links in your dashboard


    Just tap a meeting link to join. There's no app download required.  Developers can use a WebView to embed Daily Prebuilt into your native mobile app. Or build mobile support with React Native.

    Mobile call illustration


    Add audio to any site or app, with our call object mode. Go to developer tutorial.

    • Audio-only pricing

    Smooth switching infrastructure

    Switch from p2p to SFU in the same call. We've polished the transition for a better user experience. Upgrade plans also can set sfu_switchover.


      We support four recording modes — local, cloud, rtp-tracks, and output-byte-stream.  

      Recording illustration

      Dual screen shares

      2 people can screen share at the same time. And you still can see people's video, too! Comes prebuilt with our prebuilt UI, or use sendAppMessage.

      Developer features

      Visit our docs to learn features like track subscriptions, live streaming, and more.