Best-in-class 1-click video chat features

Our no download calls include recording, mobile, dual screen sharing and more. Get great features with ease.

No download

No download required. Just click on a meeting link to join your video calls. Plus guests don't have to create an account.

  • No downloads
  • No accounts needed for guests

Cross browser

Our browser support is among the best. Use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Android Chrome and iOS Safari for group chat. You can use Edge for 1-on-1 calls.

Large calls


Up to 50 people can join your meetings. Only have 6–8 cameras on at a time, because of how browsers work and also real-world network behavior. It's strongly recommended everyone use Chrome!


Save and share your meetings. Record locally for free, or upload to the cloud — for any room. Each recording is limited to 3-hours maximum. *Recording requires Chrome.



Just tap your link. There's no app to slow you down — Android users use Chrome; iOS use Safari. You can see screen shares, chat, and create links.

Unlimited links

No more sharing logins! Each account comes with unlimited rooms.

  • Simultaneous meetings
  • No seat fees

Dual screen shares*

2 people can screen share at the same time. And you still can see people's video, too!  *Screen sharing requires Chrome desktop.

  • Dual screen shares from Chrome desktop
  • Other browsers can see screen shares

Customize your meeting links with your brand identity. Just create a free account and choose your domain. Choose your domain.

  • Custom subdomain
  • Custom rooms:,, etc.

Long calls

Free calls can last up to 3-hours. API-created rooms have no time limit.

  • Links never expire
  • Upgrade to the API for more controls and support
*Requires Chrome on desktop. Learn more about browser support.
Plus more!
Room names
Make your invites easy to understand — name your meeting links. Like Customize rooms for clients, projects, and more.
Take calls on the go. Every meeting link comes with dial-in number, 25+ countries. Audio only.
Make it easy for your team to create links. Invite and manage members on your domain. Teammates can customize and manage their rooms, on your domain.
Send a message or links to other participants in your call. Anyone in the call will be able to see your message. You can also send links and emojis!
Control who has access to your meetings. You can make a room public, private or team-only. With team-only, authorized members don't have to knock.
Quickly create links in Slack or Google Calendar. Get the benefits of dual screen sharing, more browsers and mobile with every call.

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