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Build and scale virtual fitness platforms

Daily provides everything you need to integrate video calls into your fitness platform. Engage your community and deliver a better workout with HD video, high-quality music, and powerful instructor features. Discover how fitness teams worldwide cut development time with Daily.

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Use cases

Deliver effective workouts on any device

Daily lets you build richer live fitness experiences with more ease and flexibility. Host larger classes, build features with fewer lines of code, and deliver better workouts on any device.

Host bigger, more engaging group classes

Keep your community motivated and provide better instructor support with Daily. All Daily calls support up to 100,000 callers, with robust camera-on support, HD video, and high-quality audio. Ship prebuilt video rooms quickly with Daily Prebuilt, our embeddable call interface, which includes recording, host controls, and a call lobby. Alternatively, build on our core APIs for maximum flexibility and control over audio and video tracks — letting you integrate streamed music, build breakout rooms, and more. Expand your audience with just one line of code by broadcasting video calls to streaming platforms.

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Personal training on any device

One-to-one training means extra attention and support. Daily calls work across web and mobile devices, and can be integrated with other platforms, including scheduling platforms like Acuity. Our Prebuilt call solution lets you ship quickly, with a sleek call interface, intuitive controls, and turnkey features such as recording, HD screen sharing, and a precall lobby. Your developers can configure your calls as either peer-to-peer or server mode, to deliver the highest call quality possible.

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Create a boutique digital studio

Showcase your brand, support instructors, and help your community achieve their goals. Integrate a polished video call UI in minutes with Daily Prebuilt, which includes out-of-the-box features like chat, recording, and a pre-class lobby. Alternatively, our core APIs give you flexible control over audio and video tracks to support your own design and UX, including breakout rooms and integrated music streaming. Expand your audience with our Live Streaming API

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Flexible studio access any time, anywhere

Host watch parties, or build a library of classes for your online community. Daily makes it easy to turn live classes into high-quality live streamed and recorded content. All Daily calls support up to 100,000 callers, with more camera-on support than other platforms, all in true HD video. Just one extra line of code lets you live stream to up to 20 platforms, compositing up to ten remote camera streams and select audio tracks into a single video feed. Record classes for later viewing using a platform like YouTube Live or Amazon IVS.

Which Daily product is right for me?

First, build your video call with Daily Prebuilt, or create a highly-custom live-video experience with our core APIs. Add Daily Live Streaming to maximize your audience.

Connect with your community and expand your reach

Build dynamic video experiences, with (or without) live audience participation. Daily calls support true HD video and up to 100,000 callers, letting you create the highest quality online gatherings. Daily Prebuilt lets you build video rooms in minutes, with intuitive, out-of-the-box controls, such as mute, eject, and room access. Developers can rapidly build custom features with our core APIs, such as a “raise your hand” feature or breakout rooms. With just one additional line of code, these video experiences can be live streamed to platforms like YouTube and Facebook Live, including up to ten remote camera feeds.

Which Daily product is right for me?

First, build your video call with Daily Prebuilt, or create a custom UI/UX building with our core APIs. Add Daily Live Streaming to extend your reach.

Powerful features made easy

Get better results

With flexible recording options, easy live streaming, and more features, Daily makes it easier to keep your community engaged and motivated. Let us handle the hard part of video calling while you focus on other goals.

Excellent call quality

Calls switch seamlessly between a p2p network and media server mode, and between wifi and cellular, delivering the highest call quality. Daily Prebuilt includes bandwidth management; core API users can access bandwidth management APIs.

Recording & live streaming

Daily makes it easy to record high-quality content, with options to record locally or in the cloud. Just one additional line of code lets you create a live stream with up to 10 HD camera feeds. Stream simultaneously to multiple platforms.

Bigger classes on any device

Build classes for up to 100,000 callers with some of the best camera-on support.

Music mode

Control bitrate, sample rate, echo cancellation, and AGC, in stereo, to optimize audio for superior music quality.

Data & analytics

Optimize user sessions and get real insight, with beautiful call quality visualizations and log-level data in your dashboard. Or pull data into your own Application Performance Management system.

Track subscriptions

Track subscriptions provide control over which audio and video tracks a call participant receives. Our track subscription API allows you to manage call performance in busy rooms and build features like breakout rooms.


Digital workouts will continue to be a hot trend for 2021 and beyond, particularly when they offer an engaging and inspiring element and allow remote exercising in a simulated community setting.

"Sporting goods 2021: The next normal for an industry in flux," McKinsey

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