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Audio SDK

We carefully develop APIs to be simple and streamlined, making it easy to add great audio to your product.

Music playback

Select music or voice modes for audio, or take low-level control and customize bitrates and audio processing.

Krisp AI-powered voice

Krisp’s advanced noise cancellation technology uses AI to eliminate background noise, making clear conversations possible in any environment.

Audio recording

Record audio sessions locally or in the cloud, or send raw tracks directly to your S3 bucket.

Audio streaming

Reach millions by streaming your rooms over HLS or RTMP, all with one line of code.

Spatial audio

Build spatial audio experiences. Selectively subscribe to tracks, adjust volume levels based on proximity, and integrate audio into 3D worlds.

Transcription and AI

Daily’s APIs provide easy integration with hosted AI services, LLMs, and proprietary ML infrastructure. Standard AI features include transcription and noise cancellation.

Raw track access

Access raw audio tracks to implement your own pre- or post-processing.

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Introducing Daily Adaptive Bitrate
Thu Apr 25 2024
Introducing Daily Adaptive Bitrate

Unlock enhanced video quality and performance with Daily Adaptive Bitrate, combining ultra-reliable calls and the best visual experience your network can offer—automatically adjusting in real-time to suit fluctuating network conditions.

The best video experiences run on Daily