Features powering the future of streaming and recording

Creator Technology

Daily’s modern, ergonomic APIs and high-level building blocks help you build the next generation of creator experiences.

Global Mesh Network

Deliver real-time video and audio at the highest possible quality, with infrastructure that scales horizontally and geographically, with media servers in 10 geographic regions and 30 availability zones. This delivers a "first hop" network latency of 13ms or less for 5 billion people.

100,000 real-time participants

Build an experience for 1:1 meetings or for 100,000 active participants, chat, reactions, and data messaging—all at real-time latencies.

Unmatched video quality

Video that scales for any use case, adapts to any network, runs efficiently on any device, and is powered by the world’s best video and audio infrastructure.

Advanced analytics

Leverage the most comprehensive suite of support tools, low-level metrics, logging capabilities, and data integrations with enterprise BI platforms.

Developer support

With excellent docs, sample code, and a dedicated support team, Daily helps you build better apps in less time.


Give your streamers the power to co-host or share the stage with customizable roles, permissions, and real-time invitations.

1080P HLS & RTMP

Stream your events over HLS or RTMP to millions of viewers on social platforms: Leverage Daily’s Video Component System cloud recording and streaming toolkit.

Audience interaction

Drive engagement with built-in interactive features, and create your own with Daily’s real-time data messaging APIs

Studio quality recordings

Leverage Daily’s Video Component System cloud recording toolkit to create recordings with customized layouts and event-driven interactive elements.

Multi-camera support and raw tracks access

Direct access to multiple camera devices and video/audio tracks enables custom pre-and post-processing, augmented reality, and AI features.

From the blog

Introducing Daily Adaptive Bitrate
Thu Apr 25 2024
Introducing Daily Adaptive Bitrate

Unlock enhanced video quality and performance with Daily Adaptive Bitrate, combining ultra-reliable calls and the best visual experience your network can offer—automatically adjusting in real-time to suit fluctuating network conditions.

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