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The easiest way to add video calls with powerful features.

Add out-of-the-box video calls — in minutes — to any product. Daily Prebuilt offers best-in-class low code tooling. Get 100,000 participant support, recording, text chat, mobile support, and more, with high call quality and developer support.

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Integrate video with just 2 lines of code

Daily lets you easily embed a high-quality video experience. It is a complete low-code offering (and not just a sample app), with a fully working video call UI. We handle all the complexities of video — polished UI/UX, browser issues, network problems, device permissions, adaptive layouts, error handling, and more. Your team can stay focused on your core product.

Test a Daily Prebuilt call
<script src="https://unpkg.com/@daily-co/daily-js"></script>
  callFrame = window.DailyIframe.createFrame();
  callFrame.join({ url: 'https://you.daily.co/hello' });

We reviewed several video API providers. Daily was unparalleled in its ability to quickly set up highly functional and well designed video rooms.

William Hua, Software Engineer


Don’t get stuck with a sample app your team has to build out. Daily Prebuilt is a complete UI/UX you can just drop in. (Try a free test link, from your dashboard.)


Get everything you need, like mobile, text chat, recording, dual screen sharing, localization, breakout rooms, and more. See the feature list.


Make the experience your own. Explore custom color theming, a custom tray button, and our fully-featured API. New: add third party apps with our Prebuilt Integrations API.

Call quality analytics

Get detailed, beautifully designed call logging and telemetry visualizations for every session. Gain actionable insights for better support and product iteration. It’s easy for all your teammates to use.

Developer support

Daily is a developer-first platform. Take a look at our docs, sample code, and tutorials. We offer customer support for every plan, as well as our peerConnection developer forum.

Global scale & security

Access the scale and quality of our Global Mesh Network. Daily is SOC 2 certified, with the most affordable HIPAA compliant solution on the market. Visit our Security Center.

Our error rate dropped 89% when we switched to Daily.


Built for the best call quality

Unique P2P/SFU switching

Daily switches smoothly between peer-to-peer and group call mode in the same call, for optimal call quality. You don’t have to limit yourself to one mode for a call.

Bandwidth management

Automatic bandwidth management adjusts calls for real-world networks. We’ve built automatic bandwidth management into every call, and continually optimize our algorithms, leveraging our scale and global real-time data.

More features, out of the box


Calls default to mobile-optimized settings, with mobile-specific features like camera flip, along with call-quality optimizations that work under the hood. Participants can show or hide call controls for a clean UI.

Live streaming & recording

Use recording to build video-on-demand and share the experience later. Developers can send your calls to an RTMP endpoint, to stream on platforms reaching millions like Facebook Live, Twitch, or a custom player on your site. Read our live streaming tutorial.

Lobby functionality

Call participants can choose and test audio and mic inputs, and enter their name before joining a call. Designed to get end users into a call quickly, without issues.

Host & moderator controls

Easily build experiences where your hosts can mute participants, or eject them from a call. It’s easy to give controls to your most valuable participants.

Built and designed, so you don’t have to

  • 100,000 person calls
  • Localization in 15 languages
  • Detailed quality visualizations
  • Recording — 3 modes
  • User AV controls
  • Thoughtful error handling
  • Live text chat
  • User layout switching
  • Dual screen sharing
  • Permission screens
  • Enterprise SLAs
  • Breakout rooms
  • Pin camera views
  • AES 256-encryption
  • Active speaker mode
  • Paging on larger calls
  • Bandwidth management
  • Knocking
  • Download chat history
  • P2P/SFU smooth switching

Prebuilt Integrations API

Bring your favorite third party apps right into the call frame. Our Prebuilt Integrations API lets developers add any hosted application, whether third party or your own. You gain complete flexibility in your feature set, all within the ease of Daily Prebuilt. Add apps for whiteboards, doc collaboration, and more.

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Our customers love us

We emphasize support and care about your end users. Daily customers are happier.


Instead of maintaining video ourselves, we get top-of-the-line calls instantly.

Evan Hammer, Head of Product Focusmate


Amazing team. We are very satisfied with Daily Prebuilt and the platform.

Marc Metz, Cofounder/CEO MeetAnyway (YCW21)


Daily enabled us to pivot to virtual very quickly. It’s been a great partnership.

Jesse Doud, CTO Civic Dinners

Test a live video call

You can start a call and invite others to join. See for yourself how Daily Prebuilt works.


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Test a live video call

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Test in seconds — no code

It’s easy to test a video call that’s powered by Daily. There’s no server installs or code. Go ahead and try — you can invite others to join.

Just click

You can be in a call in seconds, after you give camera and mic permissions. No downloads. Calls work across browsers and devices.

Test with others

You can share your test call with others. Or sign up free. Your entire team can create test links in your dashboard.

How Daily stacks up

Learn what features come out-of-the box with Daily Prebuilt, compared to other platforms.

Designs for every use case

Our prebuilt UI has been crafted around all of the most common video call scenarios.


Build the future of work

Video calls are key to how we all work. You easily can bring 1-click video inside your product, so you control your brand experience, increase your usage and retention, and own your roadmap — all on a product that’s developer-first. We’ve built rich collaboration features like recording, dual screen sharing, and text chat for you. Daily Prebuilt pricing includes unlimited TURN usage, which is key for ensuring calls work behind corporate firewalls and on mobile data networks.


Affordable HIPAA compliance

We enable compliance in minutes. With the HIPAA version of Daily Prebuilt, developers can embed secure therapy and telehealth appointments in any site or app at a fraction of competitor costs. Daily offers HIPAA compliance at no additional fee as part of our Scale plan. We will sign a Business Associate Agreement (with no additional cost).

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Customer support

Support and success

Developers can add Daily Prebuilt into your organization’s support chat widget, or into any part of your app. Calls are 1-click with no downloads, so it’s easy for your end user. In minutes, you can boost how you engage and support customers. Video chat cuts down on back-and-forth, saving you resources while making customers happier. Using Intercom Messenger? Check out our Messenger integration.


Rich online and hybrid events

Our powerful feature set and UX support rich online events and experiences. Daily Prebuilt has configurations for unlimited event use cases — panel discussions with up to 100,000 participants, small group breakout rooms, and 1:1 social calls. Out-of-the-box features like recording, host controls, and active speaker mode let you create the best experience. To reach an even bigger audience, learn how Daily Live Streaming lets you broadcast real-time chats to millions on RTMP streaming platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube, and LinkedIn. You also can send streams to a custom player, to broadcast your events on your own site.

Social chat

Delight your users

Daily Prebuilt lets you add video chat to better connect your users. Calls are 1-click and work on all browsers and mobile phones with no software download needed. Or you can use a WebView to embed Daily Prebuilt into your native mobile app. You can add video chat in minutes, and get back to building the features that truly delight your users, and make your platform stand out.

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