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Features powering the future of social video

Daily’s modern, ergonomic APIs and high-level building blocks help you build next-generation social and gaming experiences.

Industry-leading features

Build bigger worlds

Build worlds without limits. 100,000 active participants, real-time chat, flexible track subscriptions.

CPU metrics

Daily’s SDKs give you CPU load metrics (even on the web) so you can build apps that adapt smoothly to all devices.

Data messaging

Build real-time interactive features into your application using Daily’s data messaging APIs.

Raw track access

Direct access to video and audio tracks enables custom pre-and post-processing, augmented reality, and AI features.

Track subscriptions

Scale to 100,000 participants in a single shared space by dynamically selecting which streams each client receives.

Spatial audio

Build spatial audio experiences. Selectively subscribe to tracks, adjust volume levels based on proximity, and integrate audio into 3D worlds.

Global mesh network

Daily’s global mesh infrastructure delivers the industry’s best video quality and session reliability. Our 95th percentile first-hop latency is 37ms.

Roles & permissions

Assign roles such as team leaders, moderators, or passive viewers, each with their own specific publishing and subscription permissions.

Advanced analytics

Leverage the most comprehensive suite of support tools, low-level metrics, logging capabilities, and data integrations with enterprise BI platforms.

Developer support

With excellent docs, sample code, and a dedicated support team, Daily helps you build better apps in less time.

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