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Daily has a record of delivering innovative capabilities and supporting the industry's broadest set of use cases.

Industry-leading features

HIPAA-compliant Global Infrastructure

Superior video quality and session reliability improve the care experience and drive revenue. Compliant. Secure.

AI-powered Clinical Notes API

Introducing clinical notes generation, seamlessly integrated into telehealth developer APIs, powered by today’s most advanced AI tools. Read the announcement

End-to-end encryption

Daily offers true peer-to-peer, end-to-end encryption as a media routing option.

Dial-in and dial-out

SIP/PSTN support allows clinicians and patients to connect by dialing a phone number.


Convert speech to text in real-time to support captioning, translation, and AI features.


Daily’s APIs provide easy integration with hosted AI services, LLMs, and proprietary ML infrastructure. Standard AI features include background blur, background replacement, and noise cancellation.

Native mobile

Native mobile apps benefit from hardware-accelerated codecs (including HEVC/H265 video), configurable quality layers, and low-bandwidth, low-battery optimizations.

Advanced analytics

Leverage the most comprehensive suite of support tools, low-level metrics, and logging capabilities, and data integrations with enterprise BI platforms.

Persistent chat & secure file sharing

Add privacy-first chat, file sharing, and data integration with our secure data-messaging layer and third-party integrations.

HIPAA-compliant recording

Record sessions to secure cloud storage. Daily offers the most flexible and capable recording engine of any WebRTC provider.

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