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WebRTC video and audio for every developer

Build live video and audio experiences into any product. Embed our Daily Prebuilt user interface in minutes, or create custom layouts with our Client SDKs.

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Everything developers need to ship more, build faster.

Flexible APIs

Features for every use case. Peer-to-peer and large calls. Recording, live broadcast, transcription, and more.

Global infrastructure

Use our automatic least-path network routing, or control what regions host each of your sessions.

Support & resources

Complete reference docs, tutorials, and getting started guides. Access to real engineers for support.

Call data & analytics

Detailed quality metrics for every session. Analytics right in your Daily developer dashboard.

Designed for developers

Two ways to get started

We offer a fully supported Daily Prebuilt user interface and additional lower-level APIs that give you total UI/UX flexibility. Start by cloning our sample repos. Change from prebuilt to custom at any time while still using the same APIs.

Embed video in minutes

<script src=""></script>
  callFrame = window.DailyIframe.createFrame();
  callFrame.join({ url: '' });

Daily Prebuilt is our plug-and-play embed. It’s a fully working video chat with features like HD screen sharing, text chat, and recording.

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Build custom video UI in hours

const callObject = window.DailyIframe.createCallObject();
callObject.on('participant-updated', (event) => {
  const p = event.participant;
	const t = p.tracks;
callObject.join({ url: '' });

For developers building custom video UI/UX. Take control of video and audio tracks. Daily call object gives you complete layout and workflow control.

Learn about Client SDK

Zero download, interactive large calls

Build powerful calls of all sizes

The only API with 1,000 active participants

  • Up to 1,000 people with cam/mic always on
  • Say hello to everyone while saying goodbye to chat lag
  • Build better all hands, company town halls, breakout rooms, events, virtual worlds and more
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Interactive Live Streams to 100,000, with 25 active participants

  • Send video to 100,000 viewers
  • Highest interactivity with lowest latency (<400ms)
  • Easily promote viewers to speakers
  • Host large-scale webinars, classes, streams, and more
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We do the hard things for you

A complete real-time video and audio platform

Scaling, media quality, and infrastructure

  • Global infrastructure — servers near your customers
  • Optimized implementations for mobile and desktop
  • Automatic bandwidth management that reacts to changing network conditions
  • Automatic switching between peer-to-peer and group sessions
  • Individually optimized bandwidth management for audio, video, screen sharing, and media sharing
  • Automatic bandwidth management based on user role and UI layout
  • Automatic connection handling when devices switch between WiFi and cellular

Prebuilt and easy-to-use APIs

  • 100,000-person video calls
  • Cross-platform support
  • Many-to-many sessions with all cameras on
  • 3 types of recording
  • Track subscriptions and simulcast APIs
  • HD RTMP streaming
  • Automatic tuning of video quality



Daily provides rock-solid non-leaky abstractions that enable you to focus on features. They genuinely and almost obsessively care about their users.

Nate Wildermuth, Software Engineer


Daily is polished, battle-tested, and developer friendly. It provides a better product for apps like Pitch, at a better price point.

Paulus Esterhazy, Principal Engineer


We chose Daily because in our evaluation process the team was the most responsive and engaged with us.

Taylor Jacobson, CEO


Our video conferencing-related support tickets went down by more than 80% almost overnight when we added Daily.

Sasha Varlomov, Cofounder & CEO


Our number one criteria in comparing platforms was quality. Any call has to be good.

Marc Metz, Cofounder & CEO

Use cases

Video calls for every workflow

Build calls for any device with true 1080p HD video and screen sharing, and HQ audio. Support flexible recording options, RTMP output to streaming platforms, and transcription. To learn more, pick your use case.

Build customizable virtual venues

  • Host interactive events for up to 100,000 people. Live stream to millions.
  • Add spatial video audio and video for lifelike interactions.
  • Seamlessly stream pre-recorded segments live in HD.
  • Configure calls to mimic tables, stages, and more.
  • Build breakout rooms and backstage comms.
  • Optimize audio with adjustable AGC, bitrate, and more.
  • View attendee data and usage with our detailed call logs.
  • Developer-centered support when you need it.

Build virtual offices and collaborative apps for coworking, hiring, & more

  • Host large all-hands and town halls with industry-leading camera-on support, audience/moderator permissions, and broadcast settings.
  • Bring back water cooler moments with spatial video and audio.
  • Build breakout rooms to focus discussion with track subscriptions.
  • Connect users behind firewalls with no quality or latency loss.
  • Get enterprise-grade security with SOC-2 compliance and signed SLAs.

Build engaging tools that support students and instructors

  • Create more collaborative live classes with blazing fast HD screen sharing, text chat, app integrations, and more.
  • Build focused breakout rooms with track subscriptions.
  • Optimize classes for students on older devices with bandwidth management and adjustable receive settings.
  • Support better learning on mobile with smooth wifi-cellular network switching and adjustable mobile-optimized defaults.
  • Add live captioning to improve comprehension and boost accessibility.

Build an online studio or 1:1 sessions

  • Host interactive classes for up to 100,000 students. Live stream to millions more.
  • Create recorded content with HQ audio and true 1080p HD video.
  • Empower instructors with mute and room control permissions.
  • Provide flexible layout choices for all users.
  • Integrate streamed music during a live class or host workout watch parties with media ingest.
  • Spotlight students, create breakout sessions, or use track subscriptions to connect a second camera.
  • Use integrations to trigger email notifications and more.

Affordable, high-quality, HIPAA compliant calls

  • Add HIPAA compliant calls in minutes, complete with an intuitive user interface, text chat, and a pre-call lobby out of the box.
  • Optimize calls for patients on older devices with bandwidth management, adjustable receive settings, and more.
  • Build mobile telehealth apps with mobile-optimized defaults, smooth wifi-cellular switching, and adjustable settings.
  • Easily color theme the interface and icons to make calls feel even more like a native component of your app.
  • Add transcription for accessibility and insurance needs

Empower content creators and connect communities

  • Host interactive demos for up to 100,000 audience members.
  • Broadcast live multiparty conversations like interviews and Q&A to multiple streaming platforms.
  • Empower hosts and creators with preassigned moderator/audience permissions.
  • Spotlight audience members or bring them to stage with track subscriptions.
  • Narrate prerecorded material with media ingest.
  • Make live content more accessible with live captioning.

Scale and reliability

We solve real world pain points

We make real-time video and audio work across browsers, networks and devices.

Global scale

Build on Daily’s global infrastructure and scale painlessly. Host sessions with thousands of participants. Host thousands of sessions in parallel. Serve users everywhere in the world.

Bandwidth management

Rely on our automatic bandwidth management to deliver the best possible quality to every user. We seamlessly switch sessions between networks and from P2P to SFU mode.

Browser differences

Daily gives you peace of mind deploying to real-world users on any browser, operating system, and device. We test every release and insulate you from differences in WebRTC support.


Authenticate, control session access, and assign permissions with tokens. Daily is SOC-2, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant.

Quality metrics

Detailed session logs, call quality metrics, and performance analytics are available in your dashboard and via Daily’s REST APIs.

Advanced use cases

Our support engineers can help with unique requirements. Tune resolutions, bitrates, and simulcast settings, or deploy to custom platforms.


Enterprise-grade scale and security

Daily’s media server infrastructure is custom-built for real-time video and audio, at scale, anywhere in the world. We’ve applied decades of experience building video and audio infrastructure, streaming applications, and APIs. Consider us your WebRTC-focused devops team.

99.99% uptime

Rock-solid uptime.
Talk to us about SLAs.


All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest via TLS/SSL.


Ask about GDPR, SOC-2, and HIPAA. We’ll sign a BAA.

Security Center

Learn about our data protection, 24/7 secure infrastructure, and more.

Visit Security Center

Actionable metrics

Analyze, debug, support

See session logs and quality metrics right in your Daily dashboard. Or pull call data into your own Application Performance Management system. We’ve built detailed, beautiful visualizations so you can understand usage, identify issues, and help customers.

Get started today

Create your API key and start in minutes.