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Thousands of developers trust our platform to build live features and experiences. Our modern APIs, global mesh infrastructure, and developer support help get your telehealth, AI, and other apps to market faster.

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Video & Audio APIs
Global Mesh Infrastructure
AI Agents
Low Latency Streaming
Rapid Composition
Advanced Analytics
From Startups to Enterprise

Build on the highest-quality, most flexible, and most cost-effective WebRTC API platform.

Daily has more features than any other real-time video and audio platform.

Many ways to build

Video SDK

Build anything you can imagine with our SDKs for Web, iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, and more.

More about SDKs
// Create the call client
const call = Daily.createCallObject(); 

// Then, join the call!
call.join({url: ""});

Component Libraries and Sample Apps

Get started quickly with Daily's React Component Library and sample Web, iOS, and Android apps.

See the demo repos
import { DailyProvider } from '@daily-co/daily-react';  

function YourApp({ roomUrl }) { 
  return ( 
    <DailyProvider url={roomURL}>
      {/* … */}

Daily Prebuilt

A fully supported, hosted, low-code video call application component.

Explore Daily Prebuilt
Daily Prebuilt

Features, features, features

Real-time latency
HD Recording, Compositing, Streaming
Enterprise Analytics
Multi-codec simulcast
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Everything everywhere all at once

Scale with the Daily Global Mesh Network

Our infrastructure and WebRTC-native SDKs deliver the best possible video quality on every network, for every device, everywhere in the world.


Real-time active participants


Median first-hop latency
More about our infrastructure
Daily Stats
better video resolution

Compared to Agora in real-world network tests.

95%reduction in video freeze rate

Compared to Vonage Video in real-world network tests.

13msmedian first-hop latency

With more than 30 network points of presence, Daily delivers a first-hop latency of 13ms for 5bn people around the world.

WebRTC experts

Daily's team includes authors of WebRTC standards, video technology pioneers, and engineers with deep experience in codecs, real-time networking, and infrastructure. We built the world's best video stack. We can help you build, launch, and scale your product.

Secure by design

Enterprise-grade security, compliance, and uptime SLAs. Daily offers true end-to-end encryption, provides signed HIPAA BAAs, and operates under the EU-US Data Privacy Framework.

Service uptime
Tools and topics

Build with us

Daily Starter Kit

Get started building your video and audio chat application with the Daily API.

Start here


Code and background reading. Deep dives into Daily’s APIs and specific use cases.

View tutorials


Technical documentation on implementation considerations, architecture, security, and other aspects of building with Daily’s APIs

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Sample code and demo apps.

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Reference Docs

Documentation for our REST API, Web and mobile SDKs, recording and live streaming toolkit, and more.

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Join discussions, ask questions, get answers in under 8 hours, and keep updated on all the latest from Daily.

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We love developers

Developers love Daily


Y Combinator Top Company 2022 & 2023
G2 High Performer 2023
5-stars on Product Hunt


Daily is a W3C WebRTC Working Group member, and we contribute to several open-source projects, including Mediasoup and GStreamer.

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