No more downloads! is the only 1-click video calling with 50 people and dial-in, for free. Stop asking for downloads or accounts. Just click instead.

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✅ 50 people calls
✅ Dial-in, 25+ countries free
✅ No account needed to join 
✅ Unlimited rooms,
✅ Teams, locks, more

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Start calls in seconds, and make everyone happier. Just 3 easy steps:


Get unlimited links – on your own subdomain. Like


Share your link to invite. Just copy and send, easy.

Just click

To join, just click in Chrome. No downloads! Your guests don't need an account to join.
We take a new approach 
so your calls are easier, on brand, and more effective
Save time with 1-click

Nobody likes downloads, or creating an account just for a call. You waste time, and lose leads. Just click in Chrome with It's new tech to help you succeed.

Better branding

Older tools limit you to 1 custom link. Or just a subdomain, with numbers for rooms. Your links are fully customized, so you're on brand. And teammates get their own links, too.

Unique, powerful toolkit

We're unique. Not only is your custom subdomain unique, is the no-download tool with 50 person calls and dial-in, all free, so you're prepared for key calls.

50 person calls
Free dial-in, 25+ countries
Your own subdomain
Android app
No downloads
Coming soon: Edge & Safari
Coming soon: Meeting recording
Really free

Our pricing is transparent. No meeting time limits. No seat licenses. Simply start and go. Scale without headache. Our paying upgrades include hardware and, soon, recording.

More reasons to love

What's different. What we value.

50 people! With 1-click

See the entire team, and build relationships. We're the only just-click calls with 50 people.

Dial-in is free

Avoid cancellations and rescheduling. We're the only no download with free dial-in.

Really free

There are no time limits, host fees, or seat licenses. Our pricing is simple and transparent. 

Team rooms – unlimited

We are the only 1-click calling where teammates can set up links on your subdomain. Every invite is on brand. And no more sharing links.

Team dashboard

Get organized. You can see team video call links in a dashboard. Office ninjas can invite and remove members.


Keep it secure but simple. Only team members can click into these meetings. Teammates don't need to knock.

New tech

We are a YC startup that uses new tech in smart ways. We build on top of a new platform backed by companies like Google, Cisco, and Amazon.

New design

Design matters. We emphasize design so your calls are simpler, more pleasant, more productive. 

Talk to a human

We love hearing from you. We're live on chat, PST hours (GMT -8). What features do you need? Or email

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Tami Hultman

As a global news organization, we rely on Daily to tie our editorial staff together across borders. The user experience is extra-easy. We don't know what we'd do without it.

Jill Salzman
Founder, Founding Moms

Love our custom URL! The Founding Moms is a collective of 11,500+ mom entrepreneurs, so I do an awful lot of coaching. I haven’t found easier calls that are as simple & impactful like these. 

Annie Clark
Office Manager, Backerkit

The easiest way for us to stay connected with our remotes!

Gabe Greenberg
Founder, G2i

I send a link and "bing" people jump into my meeting. I use it every day for client meetings and standup with our remote developers. I can’t imagine going back to Hangouts/Skype.

Chris Sheehan
Founder & CEO, WorldCover

WorldCover operates in US, Europe, and several African markets, where we sell crop insurance to small scale farmers. It's important for us to find a simple, low-cost solution. Daily's been ideal.

Ti Zhao
Co-Founder, KIP Health

The personalized URL is really impactful, when I send out invites as a founder. It's great to create meeting rooms so quickly. And I don't have to explain how to join!