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Add 1,000 person video and audio calls to any website or app, with ease and flexibility. Our secure, scalable, global infrastructure is trusted by companies worldwide, from startups to the enterprise, for better WebRTC video and audio. 

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Daily Prebuilt

Add plug-and-play video calls in minutes

    <script src=""></script>
      callFrame = window.DailyIframe.createFrame();
      callFrame.join({ url: '' });

Custom video layouts

Control video and audio tracks

  const callObject = window.DailyIframe.createCallObject();
  callObject.on('participant-updated', (event) => {
    const p = event.participant;
    myCustomMediaStreamTracksHandler(p.user_id, p.videoTrack, p.audioTrack);
  callObject.join({ url: '' });

For developers building custom video UI/UX. Take control of video and audio tracks. Our call object mode gives you complete layout and workflow control.

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100% focused on WebRTC

We're your dedicated real-time video and audio team. Our entire Daily team works on WebRTC features and infrastructure all day, every day.

Time to value

Build more, ship faster

Our JavaScript and REST APIs help you get up and running with real-time video and audio quickly, then scale as you grow. You can get started with our prebuilt call UI with just a few lines of code. We handle all the hard things about common video call use cases with sensible defaults. These same APIs support completely custom development, too. And we’re always here to help.

Call quality

Unique features for highest quality

We’ve put more work into reliable and high quality in-browser video and audio chat than anyone else. We do automatic bandwidth management, automatically switch between peer-to-peer and media server network modes, work around differences between browser versions, and give you access to extensive logging and telemetry data for every call.


Powering more use cases

1:1 calls, group calls with up to 1,000 participants, audio-only calls, webinars, live broadcast streaming, a flexible track subscriptions API, four kinds of recording, and much more. We’re always adding features. Our focus on real-time video and audio means the Daily API supports more use cases.


Global coverage

We are your WebRTC-focused DevOps team. Our media server infrastructure is custom-built for real-time video and audio, at scale, anywhere in the world. We deliver 200ms or better latency to almost all end users. We automatically switch between peer-to-peer network mode and media server mode to optimize for call quality. And we have rock-solid uptime.

Developers with a customer focus

More than sales

We are developers. We have strong opinions about API design. We take pride in our documentation, tutorials, and sample code. We love talking to other developers. We have decades of experience building video and audio infrastructure, streaming applications, and APIs. When you ping us for support, we take your questions seriously and give you real answers.

Detailed call quality data

See call quality metrics and client-side logs right in your Daily dashboard. Or pull call data into your own Application Performance Management system using our REST APIs. We give you the data you need to gain insight into usage, identify issues, and provide support to your customers. Plus we’re here to help with debugging and optimization.

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Thiago Monteiro
Daily allowed us to rapidly build the video chat part, so we could focus on what makes Duckly unique, while knowing that we would have great and scalable video call quality.

Thiago Monteiro, Cofounder & CEO, Duckly

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Video calls — WebRTC real-time video APIs for developers — is our focus and our passion.

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