Confrere is joining Daily

Today we're announcing that Daily and Confrere are now one company.

At Daily, we make video APIs and infrastructure. Our goal is to help millions of developers add video and audio features to their websites and apps.

Confrere is the leading telehealth platform in Norway, as well as a provider in several European countries. During the pandemic, healthcare professionals have done millions of secure video consultations on the platform.

At Daily, we have long admired the Confrere team's innovative, elegant product work. We also knew, by reputation, the industry veterans on their team who have built video for decades, helping found and build platforms like In particular, they have contributed to WebRTC, the standard that enables real-time video and audio experiences in the browser.

For their part, the Confrerians have actively followed Daily's progress building out a video API that powers a wide variety of new video and audio experiences.

Both of our teams built early on WebRTC, which is now used by hundreds of millions of people around the world every day.

We're excited to bring this expertise together, into one platform.

"We’re really excited to join Daily, in particular because we’re now gathering world leading expertise in video calling product and technology in one team. This combined team will push the boundaries of what is possible with video calls in pursuing the vision of enabling collaborative video in every software product."
Svein Yngvar Willassen, Confrere CEO

When the opportunity came along to talk about how we might work together, we quickly were knee-deep in conversations about video — codecs, protocols, infrastructure, data privacy, API design, user experience.

Use cases for live and low-latency video have expanded far beyond business video calls. Daily's customers range from small startups developing new live social experiences, to rapidly scaling telehealth companies, to talented product teams re-inventing events and workspaces for the hybrid, remote, collaborative digital future.

Our job at Daily is to build the full stack of enabling technologies required to support all of these use cases. Our customers need global infrastructure, optimized media handling and routing, terrific cross-platform client libraries, and features like recording and transcription that extend the value of live video and audio.

The through line for all of this technology work is a focus on our customers' customers' experience. Video and audio have to be rock-solid reliable. You shouldn't need dedicated video experts on your development team in order to deliver terrific video quality, great video UX, and lots of video-related features.

Daily and Confrere share this focus on making video calls always work and video features easy to deploy on any device, any network, anywhere in the world. Both teams have been involved in the development of the WebRTC specification over many years, and both teams have contributed code back to the community in a variety of ways.

This acquisition is a key step in expanding our video infrastructure for developers. As we look ahead, we are particularly focused on:

  • Expanding what you can do with Daily Prebuilt, our full-featured, embeddable video call UX. We're adding support for 15,000-participant sessions to Prebuilt, plus more customization options, and extensions like whiteboarding, breakout rooms, and polls.
  • Standing up additional infrastructure in Europe, building on our long-standing commitment to data privacy and security. Increasingly, customers are telling us that it's important to have full, auditable control over where data is stored and how media is routed. This is particularly relevant for our customers in telehealth and finance, two of the most regulated industries that need video features. We're also excited to continue supporting Confrere's customers.
  • Continuing to improve video quality and call reliability for every use case, everywhere. This has always been one of Confrere's strengths and is evergreen work at Daily, as well. We have a dedicated call quality team (the koalatiers), who spearhead an ongoing, high priority, cross-functional effort that includes people from our product, infrastructure, support, and data teams.

Together, Daily and Confrere is a remote-first international team with customers worldwide. We're growing, and excited about working together to build the future of video (and the future of distributed work). If you're interested in what we're doing, either as a customer or because you'd like to work with us on our WebRTC tech stack, please reach out.

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