Daily partners with Krisp to provide world-class noise cancellation capabilities

Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Krisp, the world’s leading AI-powered Voice Productivity solution, to enhance our audio capabilities. This partnership will provide Daily's customers plug & play access to world-class noise cancellation capabilities, helping them build immersive live video experiences with crystal clear audio on Daily.

Krisp's advanced noise cancellation technology uses AI to eliminate background noise, making it easier for users to have clear conversations. This technology is especially useful for those working from home or in noisy environments, where background noise can be a significant distraction and impediment to productivity.

By integrating Krisp's Voice AI technology into Daily's platform, Daily’s customers and partners can ensure their users can enjoy uninterrupted communication, whether they are on a call in a crowded room, participating in a virtual event, or recording a podcast in a noisy environment.

"We are thrilled to partner with Daily and integrate Krisp’s Voice AI technology into their platform," said Robert Schoenfied, SVP of Partnerships at Krisp. "Our technology is designed to help people communicate clearly, effectively, and remove barriers to productivity, and we look forward to making that a reality for Daily’s users.”

High-quality audio is key to unlocking productivity and interactivity

1. Over 58% of job-holders in the US - the equivalent of 92 million people - say they work remotely at least part of the time.

In home environments, individuals often share workspaces with family members or are likely to face unforeseen interruptions. Background or low-level noise often disrupts people’s ability to concentrate and can cause stress. Having access to reliable and superior noise-cancellation technology is a critical component of arming individuals to operate at their best and confident selves.

2. Reduces the need for artificial workarounds like “Muting” that hamper interactivity and productivity

Often, we resort to unintuitive actions like “muting” ourselves upon joining the smallest of calls to abide by meeting etiquette and minimize distractions. High-quality audio and clear communication reduce the cognitive burden on participants and pave the way for more fluid interaction.

Check out Krisp in action with Daily

Adding noise cancellation to your Daily calls

Customers can enable Krisp within Daily in the following ways:

1. Enabling Krisp in daily-js (available in v0.42.2)

Noise cancellation is enabled and disabled using the updateInputSettings() method. This method now takes an audio object, which is used to pass in audio input settings. audio takes a processor object, which takes another object specifying the type.

type has the following allowed values:

  • "noise-cancellation": used to turn on noise cancellation
  • "none": used to turn off all audio processing
// Enable noise cancellation
call.updateInputSettings({audio: {processor: {type: "noise-cancellation" }}});

// Disable audio processing
call.updateInputSettings({audio: {processor: {type: "none" }}});

A successful call to updateInputSettings() triggers an "input-settings-updated" event. "nonfatal-error" fires on errors.

For more information, see our developer documentation.

2. Daily Prebuilt

Daily Prebuilt is our fully featured, embeddable, video call UI that can be integrated in record time with 2 lines of code. Starting today, Krisp noise cancellation is available to everyone using Prebuilt, but it’s turned off by default. To turn it on, users can view the Audio options by clicking the caret near the microphone in the tray. They’ll see an option to Reduce mic noise; turn it on to start noise cancellation.

If you need to disable the noise cancellation toggle in Prebuilt for your users, you can set the enable_noise_cancellation_ui property to false using the corresponding domain or room REST API endpoint.

Krisp is currently supported on desktop Firefox and Chromium-based browsers (such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge). Support for Krisp in Daily’s iOS and Android SDKs, along with desktop Safari and mobile web, is coming soon.

Get started today

Krisp is currently in beta and available free of charge to all Daily customers till June 30th, 2023.

Starting July 1st, 2023, all Daily domains will be eligible for 100,000 free Krisp-enabled minutes per month. Usage in excess of the 100,000 minutes/month limit will be charged at $0.0002 per minute.

We are glad to consider discounts for Krisp deployments at scale, please contact sales to learn more.

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