Introducing 15,000 person real-time interactive live streams (UPDATE: 100,000 participants)

UPDATE November 2022: Daily now supports 100,000 person interactive live streams. Up to 100,000 participants can join a session in real-time, with 25 cams and mics on. We also support 1,000 person large calls, where all 1,000 cams/mics are on.

Today we’re announcing expanded large call support, for developers building video and audio experiences:

  • Large calls: video and audio sessions with up to 300 people all participating with cameras and mics turned on. Daily is the only video API that supports 300 cameras at the same time. (Now 1,000 people with 1,000 cameras and mics turned on)
  • Interactive live streams: real-time interactive streams with up to 15,000 viewers and 10 presenters at a time. 15,000 people can participate as viewers at real-time latencies, a significant improvement over traditional live streams. (Now 100,000 people and 25 presenters)

These features are supported in Daily Prebuilt, which lets developers add a fully working video call to any app with just a few lines of JavaScript code. Alternatively, you can use Daily’s SDKs to build your own completely customized UI/UX.

Over the past year we’ve seen increased demand for larger and larger video calls from our customers building education, events, social, and live commerce applications. We're excited to power these new use cases. As developers have talked with us, their questions go beyond "how many people can join a call?" Instead, they're building for more engagement across more different kinds of user experiences, with questions like:

  • How many participants overall can join a session?
  • How many of those participants can be sending mic, camera, and screen share audio and video at the same time?
  • How to broadcast video to a large number of viewers without any delay.

With this release, we’re raising the limits for participants (15,000) (Now 100,000), participants with mics/cameras/screen shares on simultaneously (300) (Now 1,000), and maintaining our best-in-class real-time latency (82ms median end-to-end network latency for all sessions across our global user base).

Multi-participant call in grid view with 20 participants

Introducing Daily for large calls

Daily gives you the ultimate customer experience, at scale, with uniquely powerful large calls.

Daily is the only video API that allows 300 active participants, all with complete control over cameras and mics, and is fully integrated into your app or website. Our large call support gives developers full control over your UX and complete interactivity. All of this new large calls functionality is available in Daily Prebuilt and in our lower-level APIs.

Daily Prebuilt is an integrated video app experience that you can embed with just a few lines of JavaScript code and is perfect for building interactive team meetings, company all hands, and more. Or, you can build a completely custom UX with our core APIs.

“Our video infrastructure is the single-most important decision when it comes to choosing a vendor. It's critical that we have the right partner.”
Yang Mou, CEO and co-founder, Kumospace

Introducing 15,000 person interactive live streams

We’re also excited to announce that Daily now supports 15,000 person calls with up to 10 active participants with cams and mics on at the same time.

This new capability leverages Daily’s real-time WebRTC infrastructure to solve one of the biggest pain points of older live streaming solutions: video latencies of 8 to 20 seconds.

These delays – which are fundamental to the architecture of other streaming technologies, like HLS – limit interactivity and can turn an otherwise engaging user experience into a communications mess. (For a deep dive into the three most widely used video streaming technologies, RTMP, HLS, and WebRTC, view this technical blog post by our CEO/engineer Kwin.)

Daily makes latency problems a thing of the past with <400ms latency even on large calls with multiple panelists or speakers. Say goodbye to chat lag. Bring any viewer on stage to ask questions or become a speaker, instantly. Use Daily’s front-end SDKs to create user interfaces that are much more flexible and interactive than a traditional embedded video player can ever be.

Scale your real-time video experiences

Whether you’re looking to make your live streams more engaging and real-time, or just run better large broadcast webinars, interactive EdTech events, or live commerce sessions, Daily can help you build reliably at scale.

Again, all of our interactive live streaming capabilities are available via Daily Prebuilt or through our lower-level APIs. Integrate the Daily Prebuilt embedded video calling component into your application with just a few lines of JavaScript code. Or create a completely custom UX.

As always, our goal is to handle all of the complexity of scaling video and audio so that you can focus on your application.

Our docs include a guide to scaling calls. It's free to get started, if you're interested in trying it out for yourself. (You can test a Daily Prebuilt link in seconds, no code required.)

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