Introducing Interactive Live Streaming For Dummies, Daily Special Edition

Connect with 100,000 live participants in real-time with Daily’s special edition Dummies book

At Daily, we're passionate about helping technology leaders leverage video and audio to tackle a common thread: establishing meaningful connections. Creating – and nurturing – a sense of connection through your product can be a game changer when it comes to winning and converting customers into loyal power users.

This conversation is more relevant now than ever before. With the global pandemic serving as the catalyst that accelerated a shift to a digital-first world, investing in digital interaction has become a necessity for securing a competitive advantage. Over the last few years, video in particular has emerged as a powerful channel for companies striving to build digital connections with their customers.

Focusing specifically on video, consider the significant shift in norms that has happened in just the last three years. Pre-2020, events like going to the doctor, attending a conference, or enrolling in a course were largely in-person. A small minority offered the option of virtual attendance. But, as we explain in our brand-new Dummies book on interactive live streaming, nowadays “a video call with your remote team [is] just a team meeting; a video check-in with your doctor [is] just a doctor’s appointment; a virtual learning session [is] just a class, and so on.”

In other words, today the “digital” experience is as prevalent as the “in person” experience, if not more so.

And, when it comes to building a video-first digital product, the user experience you create matters a lot. That’s why here at Daily we’re particularly passionate about helping companies build next-generation video products with interactive live streaming (ILS). Unlike traditional live streaming, ILS technology uniquely supports large-scale interactions with reliable video quality delivered at real-time latency (sub-200ms).

In Interactive Live Streaming For Dummies, Daily Special Edition, we walk through how interactive live streaming (ILS) presents an unparalleled opportunity to craft engaging video experiences within your product. In addition to providing you with the code to get started, we outline a complete lay of the land of what interactive live streaming is, how it uniquely helps companies build powerful video applications in today’s digital-first world, and the key technical concepts you need to know to get the most out of ILS.

Our team of developers and video experts has spent years developing technology and infrastructure to support real-time, interactive streaming experiences that scale to large audiences (up to 100,000 live viewers) without compromising on video quality. And now, we are excited to provide video technology leaders with a valuable starting point in the exciting journey of interactive live streaming with our latest book, Interactive Live Streaming For Dummies, Daily Special Edition. Get your free digital copy here.

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