When our company launched to build a new approach to video calls, our first product was our TV hardware product. Thank you to all the great teams and users we were lucky to work with.

We’re now making product changes. The Daily TV service is ending October 31, 2020; we've suspended all billing so your service is free. Key highlights:

  • Service for Daily TV ends October 31, 2020.
  • We actually paused billing earlier this year. You will have 5+ free months as you transition. If you purchased hardware, we will refund your purchase costs. Daily TV is free to your team going forward.
  • For those interested in finding another TV solution, see below. Kinoko Chat is a potential alternative for always-on, hardware-focused customers.

Your action is required, in order to receive free TV service through October 31, 2020. Please read on for next steps!

Some background on this change

In the last few years we’ve released different products — the TV hardware, free software (which was integrated with the hardware), and also an API for developers. The API is a tool for developers to add video calls into their own product.

We’ve loved supporting all our products, and especially the hardware. When we launched the API, while its timing aligned with the explosion in new video tools, we maintained our support for the TV system. We've really enjoyed working with you and all our customers!

A couple things have changed recently. First, there's been a lot of developer interest in building new video call tools. As much as we've loved working on our hardware product, it feels pretty neat to also support other developers, who are building TV solutions, and all kinds of new video calling tools! We started the hardware product because we felt there was a need for video innovation. The API feels like a way to truly support this.

And finally, COVID really impacted the practical considerations. There's been an explosion in video; our API demand has surged, and all our products need more engineering and support resources. Whatever product we support, we want it to be the best possible for our customers. So the time has come for us to focus.

Again, we deeply appreciate the chance to have worked with you, so we hope to make the transition as smooth as possible. Please read on to learn how we've stopped all your billing until October.

Product change details

Essentially, with the June 2020 product update, all calls are now API calls, based on our API pricing model. (If you’re curious about software pricing changes, you can learn more here.)

Having said that, TV accounts will not be impacted if you take the required steps. You will not be billed; pricing changes do not affect you. Please note:

  1. The TV hardware does not change. Your system remains the same.

2. To get free service, you need to do three things. Most importantly, fill out this form.

  • When the new dashboard is released, if you use the TV to create links, don’t use old TV links. Create new TV links.
  • Use our dashboard to create rooms. Sign up here. You’re asked to create a custom subdomain, like you.daily.co
  • Required by June 1: send us your custom subdomain! We must set up your custom subdomain for free service. Fill out this form.
  1. Recording access. As of the new dashboard release, only admins can download recordings from the dashboard. If you are not an admin, download your recordings now! Otherwise, you will not be able to access them yourself. (FYI, anyone can download recordings via our API.)

  2. Dashboard redesign. For those of you who’ve been using our dashboard, it will look different when the update ships in June.

  • The dashboard will look different. You still will be able to create rooms with clicks.
  • In that new dashboard, you’ll see references to API pricing. You can disregard those if you use links as described in #2 above.
  1. No hardware return is required. Please do not ship back hardware.

  2. Hardware refunds. For those of you who purchased equipment, and were active service customers as of February 2020, we of course will refund your hardware purchase, excluding shipping and duties:

  • The hardware refund applies to those who had an active subscription in February 2020. If you have not made payments in or since February 2020, please email help@daily.co with questions.
  • If your account has been in arrears, we will apply the refund against your arrears.
  • We’ll issue your refund by August 15, 2020. Thanks for your patience as we work with all our customers. We will email your account billing contact in August about your refund.

Setting up another TV solution

In addition to suspending all TV billing, we certainly will let you know of other providers.

Always-on customers can check out Kinoko Chat. It’s an easy and secure way for families to video chat through the TV. While the team is focused on serving families, their current product may be a fit for companies who have a need for a highly streamlined "always-on" video chat experience without the common enterprise features.

  • They don’t support features like screen sharing or remote guests from dial-ins, phones, or laptops.
  • They offer dedicated hardware configured to auto-join a designated room seamlessly and securely.

We recommend reaching out to them at hello@kinokochat.com. We also are glad to make an introduction. You can request that in the form we linked to above.)

There also are of course the standard video conferencing providers, which many of you already know. Highfive makes a dedicated hardware product, while Zoom and Microsoft Teams solutions support room solutions.

Next steps

  1. By June 1, let us know your Daily subdomain, to get free service. Fill out this form.

  2. When the new dashboard is released end of June, if you’re not an admin, download your recordings. Or be aware you'll have to use the API to download them in the future.

  3. When the new dashboard is released, you must create links via the TV, or via a custom subdomain we’ve configured for free service.

  4. In August, we will email you about any relevant hardware refund.

  5. October 31, 2020, Daily TV service will end. As that date approaches, we’ll send an update to clarify what happens to your account.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at help@daily.co or this form. Thank you for bearing with us as we help everyone. We hope the free service through October helps with this transition. Supporting your teams has been a privilege!

Finally, the hardware and API products shared a similar ideal: we felt there was a need for a better solution in the space. We think our API can make a difference here. We hope it's used by developers around the world, to build all sorts of great new video and collaboration tools — including for TV. Thank you again for working with us. We hope to help developers build something even better for you. Make sure to submit your form to confirm your free service through October, thank you!