Announcing react-native-daily-js

At Daily, we power 1-click video for websites and applications of all kinds. Developers use our tools to embed fully functional prebuilt video chat widgets in minutes, and to build completely custom call experiences.

Our Javascript and REST APIs make it possible to get up and running with real-time video quickly. We try to handle all the hard things about common video call use cases. And our global infrastructure takes the pain out of scaling.

Since we launched our API, React Native support has been one of our top customer requests. Roughly one out of every five feature requests we received last month alone mentioned it. That’s not surprising given the state of React Native today. Companies like Shopify, that publicly committed to building all new apps using the framework earlier this year, indicate a larger trend: 42% of mobile developers reported using React Native in a worldwide developer survey.

We’re excited to announce react-native-daily-js. Starting today, React Native developers can build on top of the same daily-js infrastructure that web developers do. It’s now easier than ever for developers who have already built with Daily on the web to add mobile offerings.

Screenshot of demo mobile application
React Native developers can now build on top of the same daily-js infrastructure web developers do.

react-native-daily-js gives React Native developers access to the same intuitive APIs and server-side infrastructure that powers daily-js web calls. It:

  • Brings the Daily call object to mobile devices, so developers can access call primitives, respond to call events, and build entirely custom, native video chat experiences.
  • Handles connections between callers, including all the quirks that can come up when participants are on different browsers and devices.
  • Provides access to participants’ network stats, enabling call-quality insights.

That’s all just scratching the surface. To get a picture of all that you can do with the library, head to our reference docs, GitHub repository, or test out our playground.

React Native is here today, and there’s more for native mobile coming soon. If there’s something you really want us to build, or if you have feedback as you’re getting started with react-native-daily-js, please let us know! There’s lots more to come and you’ll help us prioritize what’s next.

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