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Coding Rooms

How switching to Daily helped Coding Rooms streamline support processes and reduce video tickets by 80%

Coding Rooms is an education platform for teaching computer programming. Switching to Daily helped the team streamline support processes, win back customers, and drastically reduce ticket volume by 80%.
Product:Online classroom
Location:San Francisco, CA
Coding Rooms

Key wins

  • Switching to Daily from an open-source edtech platform resulted in an 80% reduction of video-related support tickets “practically overnight,” Coding Rooms CEO Sasha Varlamov said. With this extra time, the product team has focused on building features designed to grow their platform.
  • Thanks to Daily's dashboard call quality analytics, Coding Rooms has streamlined support processes for remaining support tickets. Troubleshooting user video call issues with their previous platform required querying XML files, burdening their technical resources.
  • The team was able to replace their existing video platform easily, repurposing logic they'd already written.
  • By implementing Daily Prebuilt, Coding Rooms got bandwidth management out of the box. Daily's customer support team helped the team optimize settings further, to best serve users. As Varlamov told us,“Daily have been really good in terms of helping us optimize end-user performance. A lot of our users are on Chromebooks, so it's probably really close to minimum requirements for a lot of things.”

People who said they wouldn't use our product because of bad conferencing came back and subscribed. From developer experience to call stability, there is no system that even comes close to Daily.

Sasha Varlomov, CEO and cofounder, Coding Rooms

How Coding Rooms built a better online classroom environment

Coding Rooms' learning platform is changing how computer programming is taught. Teachers can teach remote classes, chat one-on-one with students via embedded video chat, and share their screen with students, knowing everyone is gathered around the same code problem. The dashboard provides teachers access to each of their students' code in real time, empowering them to be more responsive. Students find it easier to follow classes and benefit from better learning outcomes.

Coding Rooms initially integrated video using an open-source platform that's popular in the education space. Due to poor call quality and performance, “it ended up being unusable,” CEO and cofounder Sasha Varlamov explained. “Every day we'd go in and there would be a list of support tickets complaining that video didn't work.” Troubleshooting the platform was time-consuming and involved querying XML files, burdening their technical resources.

When searching for a replacement, Coding Rooms evaluated several different APIs. Daily delivered the highest call quality in tests compared to competitors. Switching to Daily meant their support team could easily troubleshoot any issues that did arise, thanks to Daily's dashboard call log information, although support tickets went down by 80% “practically overnight.”

Product highlights

Persistent video rooms

Video rooms exist and stay the same when the class is empty. “A live classroom can be opened basically forever, and students can come in, teachers can come in at any time. It's always there.“

Screen sharing

Teachers are able to share their screen so that they can present material.

Better customer support

Teachers using Coding Rooms are understandably concerned about student attendance. Thanks to Daily's dashboard call logs and telemetry data, Coding Rooms' support team can easily resolve customer enquiries, letting them know if their users experienced a technical issue.

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