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WebRTC vs. HLS: What is the difference?

What is HLS? HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) standardizes video delivery to large audiences. HLS is used by platforms like YouTube and Twitch to send recorded videos (“video on demand”) and event broadcasts (“live streams”) to millions of viewers globally. Typical HLS latencies are 10 to 20 seconds. Good HLS implementations use client-side buffering, CDN edge […]

What is a live streaming SDK?

What is a live streaming SDK? A live streaming SDK is a software development kit that helps developers implement live streaming video features into their websites and apps. Live streaming is growing massively, and both live streaming use cases and underlying technologies are evolving. Today, there are two main technologies used for live streaming: WebRTC […]

What is XMPP?

XMPP is a communications protocol used for instant messaging and multimedia communications applications. XMPP was originally called Jabber. The protocol was designed as an open source, decentralized alternative to proprietary instant messaging services such as AIM, ICQ, Microsoft MSN, and Yahoo Messenger. In the early 2000s, messaging and voice chat systems were an exciting new […]

What is SIP?

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. SIP is a “signaling” mechanism, used for setting up and managing real-time communications sessions such as audio and video calls. The development of SIP dates from the late 1990s. Digital telephone systems were beginning to replace analog telephone systems. There was a clear need for interoperability between products from […]

What is a WebRTC PaaS?

A WebRTC Platform-as-a-Service, or PaaS, is a full stack, cloud-based platform that provides developers with everything that’s needed to integrate real-time video and audio features into web pages and mobile apps. Using a WebRTC API PaaS simplifies the development process for video, audio, screen sharing, and related features. Just as a software engineer might leverage […]

What is WebRTC?

  WebRTC — Web Real-Time Communications — is a standard and an open framework for real-time video, audio, and messaging. You have probably used WebRTC. The video and audio calling features of Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Facebook Messenger, Discord, WhatsApp, and Snap are all built on top of WebRTC. A standard, an open framework, and […]