Migrating a telehealth service to Daily

Why migrate your telehealth service to Daily?

Daily's superior call quality and reliability

Daily's commitment to call quality and reliability sets it apart from many video API providers. With a robust Global Mesh Network, Daily ensures that real-time audio and video are delivered at the highest possible quality, reducing dropped calls and maintaining a smooth communication experience. By automatically switching between peer-to-peer and server-routed video calls and offering low-level control of encoding and networking parameters, Daily prioritizes an exceptional call experience. This advantage is particularly important in telehealth services, where maintaining a stable connection can be critical for efficient healthcare delivery.

Ease of development with Daily's comprehensive documentation

Another key benefit of choosing Daily is the ease of development it offers, thanks to its extensive documentation and developer resources. With a focus on developer experience, Daily enables telehealth services to rapidly implement and expand their feature sets. The platform's well-organized documentation, API references, and sample code allow developers to quickly understand and integrate Daily's functionalities. Additionally, the supportive developer community, peerConnection, and the responsive Support and Solutions Engineering teams provide invaluable assistance throughout the development process. This ease of development enables telehealth services to focus on providing exceptional patient care while incorporating cutting-edge video communication features.

Cost-effective video API solution with Daily

Daily's competitive pricing structure presents an attractive alternative to other video API providers. By offering a range of plans designed to cater to various needs, Daily ensures that businesses can find the right pricing model for their specific requirements. Telehealth services, in particular, can benefit from the cost savings that Daily provides without sacrificing call quality, reliability, or feature availability. With better pricing options and transparent billing, Daily can help telehealth services to allocate their resources more effectively, allowing for continuous growth and innovation in the healthcare industry.

Daily’s rich expertise in telehealth

Daily’s acquisition of Confrere, Norway’s leading telehealth platform, enabled Daily’s team to grow with world-leading experts in digital healthcare.

Daily’s customers include telehealth companies like EasyEMDR. For an example of a telehealth app migration process, see the Daily migration report WebRTC.ventures wrote for SimplyDoc, their telehealth app starter kit.

How difficult is it to migrate?

The process of migrating to Daily for most telehealth services is generally straightforward, requiring minimal development effort. In many cases, the migration can be completed in less than one week, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition. The simplicity of migration stems from Daily's robust developer resources, which are designed to support and guide developers every step of the way.

Daily offers an extensive array of resources to assist in the migration process, particularly for those transitioning from popular providers like Twilio, OpenTok, or Agora. Among these resources are detailed migration guides that outline the necessary steps and provide helpful tips for a successful transition. Additionally, Daily has developed shim libraries for certain providers, further simplifying the process and making it even more convenient for developers. With a wealth of support and resources, telehealth services can confidently migrate to Daily, knowing they have the necessary tools and assistance for a seamless integration.


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