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Live Commerce

Daily’s modern, ergonomic APIs and high-level building blocks help you build new interactive experiences.

Real-time at scale, more cameras on

Up to 100,000 active participants can join a real-time session. Our Interactive Live Streams support real-time video for all 100,000 participants, without chat lag or streaming delay.

Advanced analytics

Leverage the most comprehensive suite of support tools, low-level metrics, logging capabilities, and data integrations with enterprise BI platforms.

Native mobile

Native mobile apps benefit from hardware-accelerated codecs (including HEVC/H265 video), configurable quality layers, and low-bandwidth, low-battery optimizations.

Giveaways, polls, chat, reactions

Use Daily’s real-time messaging to build features into your application that drive engagement and participation.

Recordings that match your live experience

Create recordings with animated graphics, text overlays, purchase prompts, and everything else from your live experience.

Multi-platform streams

Reach broader audiences by multi-streaming to any platform that supports RTMP or HLS.


Give your streamers the power to co-host or share the stage with customizable roles, permissions, and real-time invitations.

Multiple cameras and mics

Sometimes, you just need more cameras. Easily support use cases like product unboxing and multi-camera production.

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