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Start now builds best-in-class 1-click video calls, across product solutions. Our customers are happier with the speed and power of 1-click, no download technology, thoughtfully designed. Learn about our products: free basic browser calls, conference room and always-on hardware, and API for developers.

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Our goal

Happier customers

At we build tools to make your video calls better. Video is key to how we all work; meeting someone and listening are transformative. Our goal is to make this experience better for our customers, with new tech that's cleanly designed.

Our mission

Better calls, on every kind of screen

Guided by our values and industry experience, our mission is to make better calls available where our customers need them. Learn how our solutions support the new remote culture, where teams need better video calls in different use cases and workflows.

Why and how our products stand out

1-click ease

Talk to anyone, in seconds. Every link is 1-click — no downloads, guests can join without creating an account. is built on new WebRTC technology backed by companies like Google, Amazon, and Cisco.  

We're at the forefront of building out unique features for 1-click calls — recording, group calls across browsers, unlimited custom links, team management and more.

Useful power

Clear design

Video calls are historically clunky. To improve video calling, we believe that they have to be simpler and more streamlined. Our goal is to make video calls feel more human through clear design. calls with 4 or fewer guests use peer-to-peer technology, and are encrypted end-to-end. Read more about our privacy and security standards here.




Add video calls to products in minutes. The API lets developers create and manage rooms, and also embed video calls with a polished UI.

  • No server side code to start
  • Embed a polished video call UI
  • Multi-device, multi-browser
  • Recording and more
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Web calls

A free tool, for individuals and teams, to start and join calls on any computer or smartphone.

  • Just click a meeting link to join
  • Recording, screen shares, mobile and more
  • Best-in-class browsers support, with 1-click group chat in Chrome, Safari, Firefox
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TV hardware

A complete dedicated hardware system, for conference room meetings and always-on. Set up a TV in minutes.

  • No IT expertise needed to set up
  • Includes software with unlimited calls
  • Wireless presentations, 2-TV support and more
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