Daily Ambient Scribe: AI scribing for clinicians and the enterprise


  • We’re expanding our ambient AI offerings across use cases and platforms. Daily’s solutions also connect ambient AI to an organization’s broader AI strategy, including new voice AI use cases.
  • Daily Ambient Scribe is a fully-featured app that can be used directly by clinicians and health systems. It generates AI-powered clinical notes and coding suggestions within 30 seconds of an encounter. Features include EHR integration, coding suggestions, editing, precharting, multiple languages, and more. It’s accessible on web, mobile, and Windows and macOS desktop apps.
  • The app is available for anyone to use self-serve across devices. Use it for in-person encounters, as well as for virtual care (on any calling tool including Zoom). Try it free for 30 days.
  • For healthcare systems and platforms, Daily Ambient Scribe offers powerful customizations, including custom templates and styles, custom prompt engineering, and modular foundation model workflows.

Today we’re discussing Daily Ambient Scribe, our AI scribe that helps relieve clinicians’ burden of documentation. Since we first released notes automation last year, we’ve steadily built out the product suite. We’re excited by how ambient scribing makes a difference in providers’ daily routines.

In addition to its immediate impact, ambient scribing is also the first basic building block in a wider AI strategy for healthcare. At Daily, our platform is unique in how it connects ambient scribing with a broader AI strategy, which structures data across workflows and also leverages new real-time voice AI.

This quarter, we’ll be sharing more about our new healthcare suite. To kick off our healthcare expansion, in this post we’ll look at ambient scribing, and how its design delivers value:

  • For clinicians. Daily Ambient Scribe can be used by any clinician to easily generate notes and code suggestions in 30 seconds, with a full feature set.
  • For in-person and virtual use cases. Clinicians can use Daily Ambient Scribe in person across web and mobile. Our Windows and macOS apps also let teleclinicians wear headsets and use AI scribing on Zoom and Team app calls.
  • For systems and organizations. Daily Ambient Scribe delivers value with robust customizations for healthcare enterprise, so AI scribing delivers value for your clinical staff. Daily is also unique in the breadth of its technology offerings. We connect ambient AI with real-time interactive voice, offering more strategic workflows and procurement efficiencies.

What is Daily Ambient Scribe

On average, clinicians spend two hours, every day, completing clinical notes, for example — and often on “pyjama time,” as it’s often referred to in healthcare, with providers completing paperwork during their own evening time.

Ambient AI radically reduces this burden on clinicians. Using the mic on a device, it listens to a patient encounter, and uses healthcare-tuned, compliant AI to generate a structured clinical note.

Check out the app for yourself. You get unlimited notes and coding suggestions free for 30 days.

  • Daily Ambient Scribe is an app clinicians can use on web, mobile web, and desktop app (Windows and macOS).
  • It’s convenient for both in-person and virtual care workflows. (In contrast to other AI scribes, you can use our Windows or macOS app and AI scribe while wearing a headset on a Zoom or Teams call.)
  • The app sits in the background, and listens and immediately starts transcribing the encounter. It’s multilingual and can distinguish between multiple speakers in the encounter.
  • We offer multiple templates. Once the patient encounter is done, in 30 seconds, the app generates: clinical notes in your selected template; coding suggestions; patient instructions; and a final transcript that indicates speakers.
  • Your notes are saved to your dashboard, where you can review and edit. It’s easy to copy and paste, or you can opt to save to EHR.
  • The app is architected with healthcare-tuned AI. We are HIPAA compliant. Read our post about privacy and compliance.
  • Upgrades include EHR integration, pre-charting, and more.

Daily Ambient Scribe: a platform for enterprise customization and strategic AI alignment

While Daily Ambient Scribe is a convenient, ready-to-go app, it also supports the customization enterprises and tech-forward digital enterprises rely on, particularly in this new era of AI acceleration.

Our approach to AI flexes with a system’s strategy. Off-the shelf, our AI scribe leverages state-of-the-art health-care tuned foundation models. However, in contrast to other vendors that prioritize or are locked into their own internal models, our approach to LLMs is agnostic.

This POV is driven by our platform architecture and history. Daily’s roots in healthcare, and voice infrastructure, go back several years. Since 2016 we’ve powered real-time voice and video toolkits for engineers, to build highly customizable products and solutions. Telehealth developers rely on our HIPAA compliant APIs and SDKs to create and run virtual care platforms. (Our first clinical notes product was our API for telehealth developers.)

Specifically, we are industry experts at supporting ergonomic APIs and workflows to move data securely across workflows/vendors, and building tooling so enterprise can iterate on solutions.

Continuing in this tradition, Daily Ambient Scribe is architected for flexibility, like:

  • Customizing templates and styles is part of our enterprise rollout, in order to set up clinicians for success.
  • Our AI precharting solution is an example of customizing the ambient AI workflow. Daily Ambient Scribe creates pre-charting from EHR records and inserts them into a note.
  • We provide tooling like custom prompt engineering, to give enterprises more direct control over the LLM. Prompt engineering determines how an LLM responds to input; today’s LLMs are very sensitive to prompt engineering. Out-of-the-box ambient scribing apps are a black box in terms of how the clinical note is achieved. We work with customers, and empower them with tooling, so their analysts and clinicians can help determine the output.
  • Even more fundamentally, an organization can work by swapping out the foundation model used in Daily Ambient Scribe.
  • It’s also easy for us to provide front-end customization like brand colors, and the other front-end enhancements to make sure ambient scribing is fully baked into your workflows.

AI roadmap

As a first step in AI, ambient scribing delivers immediate value for clinicians and systems. We’re excited to be partnering with healthcare systems to use AI more effectively. Daily powers a Voice-Enabled Healthcare roadmap beyond documentation workflows:

Early days. While AI scribing is a game-changer, we also hear customers refer to it as “low-hanging fruit.” It demonstrates the value of AI turning unstructured data (the patient encounter) into structured data (the clinical notes format).

Structuring data beyond documentation. Our customers use our solutions to structure data, across workflows and EHR records. Put technically, the EHR is a source for Retrieval Augmented Generation, where customers use our expertise in tuning and prompt engineering to structure data for different use cases in patient care and communications, and clinician collaboration.

New real-time voice interfaces. In ambient AI, the LLM listens to the encounter. Voice AI technology now encompasses a second category — real-time conversations with the LLM, which Daily's technology also powers. Voice agents can help triage patient communications or help complete patient intake. Clinicians have the option to talk with the EHR — it’s like having a junior colleague who looks up and tells you what’s in the EHR.

In summary, a new Voice-Enabled Healthcare model has emerged. Daily is unique, as a vendor, in powering both ambient and real-time voice AI. We are excited to bring to customers the products they need now for ambient scribing, and into the future. Contact us to discuss your organization's roadmap. And we’re excited to hep clinicians today with Daily Ambient Scribe.

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